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Technica is a global company with Headquarters in Atlanta, USA and manufacturing facilities in Beijing, China. Technica, Technica SA, and Beijing Technica Optical Technology Co. Ltd. are operating companies and trademarks of Technica Optical Components, LLC. 

For corporate, legal, and finance please contact acsipkes@technicasa.com

For sales, technical support, and manufacturing please contact alice@technicasa.com

Technica Optical Components, LLC.
3657 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 10A
Atlanta, GA, 30319, USA
Tel: +1-404-326-3469
Fax: +1-775-420-4683

Our DUNS number is 07-955-3935.

>> News
Technica releases new T40 / WDM FBG ITU Filter 50/10 Jul 2016   
Technica releases new T30 / Long Period Grating (LPG Jul 2016   
SPIE Photonics West 2017 Jul 2016   
Technica releases new T50 / Wavelength Locker FBG Jul 2016   
Technica releases new T60 Small Diameter Fiber (Thin Jul 2016   
Technica releases new T80 FBG Radiation Hard FBG Sen Apr 2016   
Technica releases new T210 FBG Crack and Vibration S Mar 2016   
SPIE Photonics West 2016 Feb 2016   
Technica releases new T140 Temperature Sensing Cable Dec 2015   
Technica has been awarded top score on Nufern supple May 2015   
SPIE Photonics West 2015 Dec 2014   
Technica releases new T130 FBG GFRP Cables and Array Sep 2014   
TOC LLC/Technica SA is participating 2014 Advanced P Jul 2014   
SPIE Photonics West 2014 Jul 2013   
Technica SA has achieved the milestone of producing Mar 2013   
Technica SA will be attending the SPIE Defense, Secu Feb 2013   
Technica SA releases line of radiation proof FBGs an Jan 2013   
Technica SA expands production capabilities with spe Nov 2012   
Technica SA selected as key supplier for US fiber La Sep 2012   
Technica SA will be attending SPIE Photonics West 20 Aug 2012   
Notice of Manufacturing Plant Relocation Jun 2012   
Technica SA will be attending SPIE Photonics West 20 Jan 2012   
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